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Before deciding that your computer is on its way out, or, that it has developed a major fault, try and remember what you did last that may have caused your problem and reset your software as it was. Quite often faulty displays are caused by loose cables, unshielded speakers or mains adapter's being to close to the screen. Always check all your connections and cables, it could save you a call out charge and don't forget the classic turn off and restart your PC.


Virus's and Spyware are now a major problem for everyone and unless your Anti-Virus and Spyware software is up to date you will have a problem!!. Also Remember NEVER give your personal details via Email or phone unless you are 100% sure the request is from someone you know and ALWAYS look for the padlock symbol in the address bar when purchasing online.

As a free service select the download menu above for FREE links to FREE yes that’s FREE software which used regularly will help keep your system clean and clear.

Q. My system resets when ever I connect to the Internet.
Q. My homepage is always changing or does not stay on the one I select.
Q. I keep getting loads of pop-up windows

A. You almost certainly have a virus or spyware on your system or possibly a homepage highjacker, update your antivirus and spyware and run a full scan with each.

Q. I am tired of the background screen and I want to change the screen saver.

A. In W95/98, XP, VISTA and Windows 7 remember you have the right hand mouse button, right click on the background and then select from the menu displayed, from here you change the whole appearance of windows.

Q. Why does my computer take so long to start up.

A. There could be several reasons for this, if you have too many programs being launched when the computer is turned on then things can slow down quite a lot. Try taking some of the programs you don't use out of the start menu.i The amount of RAM is also a factor and as a guide XP needs a minimum of 512MB of RAM 2GB and above recomended and VISTA and Windows 7 a minimum of 1GB of RAM 4GB and above recomended. If it still seems slow after this then call either the company you bought the computer from or a local dealer such as "THE COMPUTER MAN" to advise on the next step to take. The information provided here is meant as a guide only and will be added to from time to time however if you find that you are having persistent problems call me or Email me.

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